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Group Overview

The Community-Driven Development (CDD) Community of Practice is a dynamic, cross-disciplinary body of CDD practitioners, development partners, and other interested researchers from different countries and sectoral themes within and outside the World Bank. The Community of Practice (CoP) is facilitated by the secretariat anchored under the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice (GSURR) of the World Bank. This website was created for the CoP members across the world to exchange ideas and learn, access useful operational resources, nurture innovations, and strengthen and expand partnership and resource mobilization. It is meant to be a “living” site and welcomes your active participation and contributions!

SSI Forum 2020: Sustainable and Inclusive Communities: The Next Generation of Community-Driven Development

Community-driven development (CDD) programs put citizens at the center of designing their own solutions to development problems by fostering partnerships between communities and governments. CDD programs have increased livelihood opportunities for women, have delivered quick relief following natural disasters, and have helped close last-mile gaps in service delivery and infrastructure provision in some of the most remote and insecure parts of the world.  So where do we go from here?  How can we address new problems, from pandemics to conflict to climate change, and build stronger partnerships between communities and the state?  How do we maximize the use of new technologies, and create economic opportunities in lagging regions? 

Watch the recording of the high-level panel featuring Paul Collier and senior representatives from government and civil society to explore these questions and help us set out the agenda for the next generation of programs. 

Local Economic Development and COVID Recovery Webinar Series

Join us for an engaging LED webinar series providing structured learning with thought leaders, policy makers and practitioners to explore pathways for rebuilding local economies and communities better for resilient and inclusive sustainable recovery.


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