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Blog » P145420 Pakistan Developing Artisanal Livelihoods in Rural Pakistan (RANG)

P145420 Pakistan Developing Artisanal Livelihoods in Rural Pakistan (RANG)

Created Jan 24 2022, 6:17 PM by Najaf Zahra
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To improve the livelihood opportunities for rural artisans. It will demonstrate to policy makers the effectiveness of a crafts-based cluster approach to poverty alleviation and to improve living conditions for weavers and embroiderers (especially women and girls) and their families in targeted communities in Punjab and Sindh. The project aims to assist an estimated 2,600 vulnerable artisan families/households, especially targeting women headed households, at the bottom of the pyramid to help them rebuild their lives, access sustainable livelihoods through establishing their own artisan institutions and consequently achieve arobust economic and social empowerment. With an average family size of 7 individuals in each household in the project areas, the project is expected to benefit an overall population of about 18,200 individuals. Out of the total number of beneficiaries, 70% of the beneficiaries are expected to be women.