Dear C4D Users,


Our beloved Collaboration for Development (C4D) is scheduled to be upgraded to the new version of the software this week: expect some major changes and a number of exciting new features!



The C4D Platform, currently on Jive Ver.5, will be upgraded to Jive Ver. 7 on May 1, 2014. The system will be unavailable for an estimated 4 to 8 hours, starting from 6:00PM EDT on Thursday May 1st. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


We know that a good platform is not enough to make collaboration and communities of practice really successful, but we think that it definitely helps! We want all of you to get the most out of your online participation and to facilitate your engagement in the communities you are members of: this is why we are upgrading C4D to what we think is the most advanced and cutting edge business social collaboration software out there.

What’s New?

These are just a couple of new features we are excited about:

  • Guest access – The Homepage of C4D and groups that wish to be open, will be accessible and searchable without the need for users to register/log in
  • New profiles – They simply look way better!!
  • Impact metrics – A new take on content statistics: ever wondered how much impact your blog is generating?
  • Structured outcomes – No more scrolling down endless discussion threads to find those comments that really matter, the ones that marked a decision, a success, or were helpful
  • New native mobile app – Essentially all of C4D on your mobile device
  • All new Inbox – Now you can filter your communications based on type or author
  • Customizable Activity Streams – So much more than just Followed Activity: create different streams to organize which updates really matter for you
  • Improved Status Update feature - You can now quickly share your thoughts, a link, or simply what you are working on with everyone on C4D or just the other members of a group


profile_small.png profile_big.png

Want to learn more?

We know you are a curious crowd, which is why we have prepared a document with a couple of screenshots to give you an idea of what is coming and what to expect on May 2nd! Just follow this link here.

Should you need even more details on what is changing: Jive 5 Documentation  and Jive 7 Documentation PDF or online version.



Please refer to the Jive User Training Community, where you can find answers to your questions or ask new ones.