Dear Collaboration for Development Users,


I know that sometimes learning how to efficiently use an online platform can be challenging, considering the number of exciting features out there! This is why I wanted to point out to you a couple of capabilities that might make your life easier. But first things first, have you uploaded your picture? A good picture can go a long way in providing a good snapshot of who you are and also what you are working on. Learn how to update your profile images here.


There are key features of the Collaboration for Development platform that simplify and add value to your collaborative experience, other than a nice picture. Here are a couple of examples that you should really consider taking a closer look at:

1. Mobile Access - Using the new iOS native app (on iPhones or iPads) or the browser on your mobile device (Android/Blackberry) to access your community makes it easy to stay connected when you're away from your computer. Read how to set up your mobile access here: Access from Mobile - iOS and Access from Mobile - Web.


photo 11.PNGphoto 21.PNG


2. Email Notifications - Setting your email preferences can greatly improve the way you access the content you follow. It is easy to decide which streams you wish to get email notifications from when new activity happens in them.  By default all three Inbox stream options should be turned on.  As you create custom streams they will be added to your preferences list. Learn more here.


3. Custom Streams While “Activity” surfaces site-wide activity and “Connections Stream” showcases the activity of all the connections you’ve established, the Custom Stream feature allows you to further “filter out the noise” by picking and choosing people and places to follow in a much targeted fashion. You can set up custom streams for teams, working groups, projects, etc… by creating feeds on any combination of People, Content and Places. Learn how to create your own custom streams here: Activity and Custom Streams.






4. Creating New Content Via Email – The Create by email function can be especially handy for posting when you can't reach the community using a browser. For example, you can email content from a mobile device’s email client. Learn how use this feature here: Comment and Create Content by Email.