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C4D - Quick Start - Updated - April 1, 2020

Created Apr 01 2020, 5:20 PM by Bruce Summers

Welcome to Collaboration for Development (C4D).  Attached please find the latest C4D Quick Start guidance for C4D Members and Visitors. Over 100 Communities of Practice (CoPs) Groups and over 150 CoP Subgroups are hosted of co-hosted on this platform by the World Bank Group.

C4D is a secure social collaboration platform focused on development issues, hosted by the World Bank. C4D enables online brainstorming, consultations, discussions, knowledge-sharing and learning among people inside and especially outside of the World Bank Group working on similar international development topics around the globe.

To get started, please click on the C4D Quick Start file attached  below.

Many thanks to Raymond Malcom Eisenberg, Johannes Peter Zimmermann, and the members of the C4D Enhancement Working Group for updating this C4D - Quick Start Guide.