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Blog » [P107027] Concept Note - National Affordable Housing Policy and Subsidies in Egypt

[P107027] Concept Note - National Affordable Housing Policy and Subsidies in Egypt

Created May 10 2016, 2:08 PM by Qiyang Xu
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The objective of this Policy Note, in response to two requests from HE the Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development and HE the Minister of Investment, is to assist the GOE in its efforts to: (a) formulate policies to address existing distortions that prevent limited income households from accessing affordable housing in urban areas and affect the efficiency of the overall urban housing market, including recommending improvements to the existing institutional/regulatory framework, and housing subsidy mechanisms; and (b) put in 6 place mechanisms to effectively implement the National Affordable Housing Program target of 500,000 housing units through proposing improvements to the two existing implementation instruments, namely the NHAPA and GSF. The Policy Note would develop in conjunction with key stakeholders at the Ministries of Housing and Investment an implementation action plan with short, medium/long term measures.

  • hi, very interested on theese themes and would like to collaborate and contribute because I Can contribute.
  • Egypt needs also a new policy in good terms strenghten and unifying in good terms Africa all, again as in ancient times and in better seeing also either contraddictions the potential of Egypt (even sometimes for example for engineering the risk is as Unesco also had underlined to overcome sectors and destroy heritage and monumental areas ).


    Is not extremism, nationalism or isis or similar concepts, is focusing on real capabilities of that country that must overcome difficulties and come back again to have his position with the respect of human rights and seeing also what had give to the whole world along centuries and thousands of years since the west greek society to the far east.


    The house policy is a good instrument for Egypt but is not unique for that. In every case housing policy should also be within all capacity developement factors, included enginering diplomacy that in Egypt and should be now totally "in good sense" both for efficiency both for efficacy facts.. I suggest a company which i suggesed much in past times and something of good happened, that is the Arab Contractors a pan egyptian construction company with also european partecipations that established also the new alexandrine biblioteque in Alexandria of Egypt and morevoer. They do also restorations of differents monuments of different religious confessions and have as other egyptian groups also USA and eastern europe partecipations and places.


    The importance of moderation and sustainability also in edil sector should be improved but as follows I suggest two importants egyptian transcontinental edil groups that could do the difference also in housing policy (with different projects that they do on).