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Climate resilience decision making framework in the Caribbean

Created Jul 12 2013, 10:43 AM by Bradley Michael Lyon
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Climate Resilience in the Caribbean: by Biswha Pandey


At this year's Esri Conference in San Diego, California (July 2013), Bishwa Pandey - Sr. Data Management Specialist from the World Bank's Latin America & Caribbean Region (LCR), presented on how to buidling climate resilience through spatial data managment. View the full presentation here.

The mission of The World Bank’s Latin America and the Caribbean Region Disaster Risk management team is to work with national and local governments and with communities to identify hazard risk, assess vulnerability to adverse natural events and mitigate the impact of disaster through structural and non-structural measures, including risk financing and transfer. Eastern Caribbean region is one of the most vulnerable regions due to climate related natural disasters. Lack of spatial data and clear policy on data sharing has hindered the effective use of technology in identification and mitigation of the hazard risk. The World Bank is helping in establishing spatial data management platform using open source technology and practices. Event link: