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GeoNode 2.0 officially released

Created Apr 09 2014, 9:08 AM by Bishwa Raj Pandey
  • GeoNode

The GeoNode team announced the release of GeoNode 2.0 bringing apparent joy to the thousands of users.

This is a huge step forward for the project in usability, stability, and flexibility. The team reworked the core to be much easier to customize with Django. Countless bugs and issues were addressed to enhance user experience and functionality while bringing out one of the lean and stable GeoNode platform. The customization is easier than ever.

According to Ariel Nunez, one of the core GeoNode developer, "The unmodified GeoNode 1.2 instances should be easily upgradable to this new version including data layers, maps and map styles".

Another huge effort for 2.0 has been documentation for users, developers and administrators to all get up to speed quickly. The tutorials have been used in a number of live workshops, so are battle-tested to work well.


For More information - please refer to GeoNode 2.0