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Discussion » How do you like this new site? What would you like to learn about?

How do you like this new site? What would you like to learn about?

Please share you thoughts and suggestions for this new community site.


Thanks for your participation!


  • Congratulations to the team.  I love the new design.  Very easy to use and very user friendly. It should inspire more user participation.  Bravo.

  • Thanks Brad for putting this together.

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    Brad, my suggestion is not really about adding something new to the site, but rather a little suggestion which might be helpful and could  help to spark interest in the site.  I think it is a rather intuitive site and it has many useful features.  What  might be helpful is to have something like  weekly discussion questions where you can get participants to post their comments on selected topics or you can select specific topics and ask specific persons to make contributions. These can in turn stimulate discussions among the group.  I think persons are not aware of the points scheme on the site, this can be used as an incentive for making contributions.  Probably you can post something about the points system.  Just some thoughts.



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  • Hi Jim,

    I really appreciate your thoughts and think you are spot on with creating key discussions that can be discussed.  Would you have any suggestions about what those would be?  We are finalizing the platform and made some adjustments. Anything more you'd like to change before we do a hard launch next week?