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Traninig of the trainers

Hi all,

does anyone have information on what form or methods would be employed in the training of trainers, that we hoped to accomplish by years end ?

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    Hey Jason,

    I would like to return the question to you asking what you think would be useful to do during that training (we are looking for ways to make it happen during the first or second month next year).

    Here are the potential areas that could be covered:

    - Material for end users training. Slides, sample data, tutorials.
    - Introduction to tools to administer / backup / monitor GeoNode instances. Emails to admins, etc.
    - Tools to track/promote usage and tips for engaging users. 
    - Advanced tutorials on creating Data Sharing portals using GeoNode as a platform. Introduction to custom add-ons.

    There are many ways to structure it, and the idea is to get feedback from the people receiving the training on what the focus should be.

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  • Thanks Ariel for giving me the opportunity to comment on the upcoming training.


    In general, the idea of the training is to assist the Caribbean Region in building up a strong data sharing and regional collaboration network.


    Having that in mind, the training introduces attendants to open source software tools that can assist them when interacting with GeoNode (e.g. QGIS, OpenGeo, etc.) and at the same time helps them to become more familiar with the daily management of their GeoNode and increase the use of spatial data to improve the decision-making process.


    Other concepts will be added, such as:

    - Integrating GeoNode into existing GIS workflow,

    - Data collection,

    - Metadata concepts,

    - SDI concepts towards a NSDI,

    - Maps generation and output



    We also hope to continue building our vision of having a Regional SDI in the Caribbean, having GeoNode as the platform for management, sharing and collaboration, to improve the decision-making process for disaster risk reduction in the region.


    On completion of the training, the attendants will be equipped with the tools to use GeoNode when building the proof-of-concept to present the NSDI idea or RSDI to their colleagues and/or local policy makers.

    Let’s see if at the end of the training we can come up with a 1st draft of RSDI to use as a roadmap for the implementation.