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Discussion » Webinar Recording - Haitidata 2.0 - June 26

Webinar Recording - Haitidata 2.0 - June 26

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The monthly webinar for June focused on Haiti's experience in migrating its GeoNode “” to GeoNode 2.0, which is currently in its beta version.


Full Description:

Stephen Davis, GIS specialist, is currently working with Centre National de l’Information Géo-Spatiale (CNIGS) in Haiti. He will present progress on the implementation and lessons learned from migrating to GeoNode 2.0. Mr. Davis will highlight details of how to migrate the entire software platform, along with moving data (vector and raster), metadata, maps, and styles. He will also share his observations of improvements in GeoNode 2.0 and how this tool is supporting decision making related to disaster risk management (DRM). Community members can still provide feedback to the developers and make suggestions on Hait's beta version GeoNode, which can later be applied to other GeoNodes across the region.