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Discussion » What are practical ways to help policy makers understand the importance of data?

What are practical ways to help policy makers understand the importance of data?

Dear Brad;

I agree with Shawn and Dornet about the importance of a regional perspective and approach towards this effort. The following is list of  issues which I think we need to resolve before we can move forward:-

  • Determination of Objectives (beyond that of simply data collection, data archiving and data sharing)
  • Determination of Baseline information required for disaster risk management
  • Establishment of methodology and standards for data collection, data archiving and data sharing
  • Selection of indicators – relevant to activities, outputs and objectives
  • Analysis – what types of geospatial analysis can be done (looking at the types of hazards and risks that we face as a region).
  • How can the information be presented in a manner which is easy to adopt into existing processes

I agree with Dornet's comment "We need for policy makers to understand how important data is in making informed decision and take the “guess” out of decision making".  This certainly is a challenge.  Dornet and Shawn, what are some of the practical ways we can accomplish this?  From my experience, some of the policy makers are not familiar with the technology, the benefits of the technology or how they can make use of it as you indicated. Considering the fact that GIS is something that has only recently made inroads and is being embraced in government.


I think we are moving in the right direction with discussions and forums such as this. Keep up the good work.


  • Hi Jim,

    I agree with the list of issue you have just mentioned, they are part of that long list I was referring to in my previous comment, thanks for adding more key issues, all key issues will have to considered when defining our local/regional SDI.