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What do you want to know about GeoNode?

Please post your queries about GeoNode to help Jeff Johnson, one of the developers from OpenGeo, before his webinar next Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST

  • Hi Jeff,

    At the present my webmap server is using OpenGeo (Community Ed.) and layers are been serve by its native Geoserver version. Raster and vector datasets are in compatible format (tiff, shp).

    All this is working fine with the only restriction that dataset cannot be downloaded (using Geonode), which adds and extra security feature to our node.
    I am waiting for the promised version of new GeoNode version that will solve the issue...

    I have two question:

    a) Is it possible to setup geonode to use opengeo's geoserver native version?

    b) what will be the easiest way forward to import an external geoserver (data directory) into geonode's native geoserver, and keep it in tune with other geonode modules.