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Aaditi Girkar TradeFinex is a platform that runs the XDC tokens on a private permissioned blockchain, developed on Ethereum, to enable global real-time trade and financing. Our goal is to bridge the $5 trillion global infrastructure deficit by letting institutions and/or governments connect blockchain-based digital assets to IoT enabled equipment in order to raise foreign direct investments and enable peer-to-peer financing. Suitable for a private distributed network of participants like investors, government, institutions, and suppliers spread across the world, TradeFinex focuses on: An instant cross-border settlement mechanism through its native token XDC. Smart contracts built on Ethereum platform that can be mapped to real-world contracts. XDCs that can be utilized to incentivize financiers to fund projects with low buyer and seller rating. Equity exchange which can be built over XDC for projects that want to raise capital.
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ADRIAN BAILEY Bachelors of Geography @SUNY Master of Spatial Information @UNSW
Albert Jones Currently at Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre Former Senior Electronic Technician Belize National Meteorological Service
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