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Learning Notes

Created Jul 28 2020, 3:00 PM by Anastasiia Krasilnikova

Learning Notes Examples

Learning note on women’s producer companies Delivering Value for Small Farmers summarizes lessons learned from organizing small women farmers into Producer Groups and Companies. These institutions played a fundamental role in internalizing digital technologies for their benefits and growth.


Booklet of Learning notes “A Decade of Rural Transformation” summarizes 11 key lessons from innovations and interventions, including producer groups and the digital platform, which contributed to transformative changes during a decade of implementing the Jeevika project, which is currently in its 2nd phase. 


Agricultural Livelihood - Learning Note - India Bihar

This is a learning note about how to enhance agricultural livelihoods through community institutions in Bihar, India. It summarizes key interventions, insitutional platforms, risks and benefits surrounding implementing similar projects in Bihar.


Creating Jobs - Learning Note - India AP

This is a learning note about how to create jobs for rural youth in Andhra Pradesh, India. It introduces key elements of successful job promotion strategy, country background, framework, etc.


Community-managed Microfinance– Learning Note - Sri Lanka GD

This note describes the context under which the community-managed microfinance model was developed, identifies key features, and outlines benefits the system provides.