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Just-in-Time Support

Created Jun 28 2021, 1:23 PM by Johannes Peter Zimmermann

Beginning in January 2019, the LC2 CMU has advocated a cross-cutting holistic approach to identifying opportunities for possible design elements or changes that could make investment projects more responsive to the risk factors for crime and violence and/or embed activities that could reduce or prevent violence in those projects.

The mechanism for this cross-cutting upstream work has been 'just-in-time' operational support where crime and violence expertise is mobilized to provide ideas and feedback to TTLs during the project identification and design stages, and then based on TTL need and final project design, additional support is provided to equip TTLs and clients with technical resources to assist them. This page summarizes this ongoing Just-in-Time Support to Teams, and the detailed advice given to teams is documented in the database link on the right side of this page.

For information on the Just-In-Time support provided, please click on the file LCC2C portfolio C&V below, and go to the fourth tab “C & V Team Engagement”