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What I have learned from KEI(Korea Environment Institute) International Conference 2014

Created Apr 17 2014, 3:52 AM by xue ning
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I just come back from KEI Inte'l Conference 2014. Now I want to make a summary for the conference.



The topic of today's conference is "Responding to
Global Environmental Challenges for Sustainable Development". One focus of
the conference is "Sustainable Development and Post-2015 Development
Agenda". I attended the parallel session on "Green Detente and Environment
Cooperation in the Korean Peninsula" in the afternoon.



Firstly, I want to write something about the parallel
session, then I will briefly introduce the presentation by one World Bank



Today is my first time to know the term of "Green Detente",
which means try to achieve the peace through Green programs. There are two
different concepts in this term, namely "Green Area" and
"Greening Area", the former one means the traditional environmental
and Climate Change Area including Environmental Infrastructure, Energy,
Reforestation, Climate Change Adaptation, Water resources etc., while the
latter one means the related areas of industry and development including
manufacturing business, Urbanization and Land Development, Agriculture, Marine
Fishery etc. Speakers mainly talked the Green Detente between ROK and DPRK.
There is no actual cooperation between the two Koreas, still the senior
research fellow at KEI has positive attitude toward this part. On the other
part, some speakers hold the opposite view of points.



For my personal opinion, I think there are both
opportunities and challenges in "Green Detente". I am working at
| ICLEI East Asia
), we are trying to organize International
Environmental event among East Asia Countries. However, we found the
cooperation between Mainland China and Taiwan is very difficult. Still, in one
trilateral cooperation forum (China, Korea, and Japan), experts suggested the
national level cooperation is very difficult because the politicians only think
about the home situation. But the local level and various cooperation will be
the future cooperation direction.



Ms. Jae Hyang So, the Director of Trust Funds and
Partnerships at World Bank gave a wonderful presentation on "The role of
water and sanitation in ending poverty". I really love her speech and she
is one expert in the area related to our community - Community of Practice for
Municipal Finance Practitioners. I wished to have more discussion with her, unfortunately,
she was so popular so I only had a chance to have a picture with her.



Hope to learn more about the trust capacity building here.






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    Dear Xue, also my first time hearing the expression "Green Detente" And thanks to your very insightful post, I think I even understand it now!


    I took the liberty of forwarding your note to Ms. Jae Hyang So at the World Bank. I'm sure she will greatly appreciate it! Is there a link to the KEI Conference where we can find the presentation you mentioned (and all others)?

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