Blog » Emerging Trends in Green Bonds (including cases from Colombia, Peru, Tunisia, Mexico)

  • Deutsche Bank invests EUR 1 billion in Green Bond Portfolio: LINK


    “Deutsche Bank decision to set up a dedicated portfolio shows the growing appeal of green bonds. It supports the expansion of the green bond market as it continues to mobilize private sector funds for climate finance.”

  • Connecting China's Vast Savings Pools and the Urban Environment, by Sean Kidney, CEO and Co-founder of Climate Bonds Initiative


    Link below (need to turn to page 65 of the publication)

    Cities Today 16


  • What are green bonds? How do they work? Who is issuing them and who buys them? What’s the benefit?

    Green bonds is one of the financing options available to private firms and public entities to support climate and environmental investments.  Investors are attracted to green bonds because they allow a closer connection to positive social and environmental impacts. The World Bank Treasury created the “What Are Green Bonds?” guide to help people without a finance background better understand the nature of green bonds.


    The document is also available in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese: follow this LINK and scroll down at the bottom of the page.

  • On a related note, here's a useful review of 38 social impact bonds worldwide with an analysis of the stakeholder motivations, key facilitating factors, and biggest challenges faced. Social impact bonds combine some components of results- or performance-based financing and public-private partnerships.


    Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.20.28 PM.png

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    It is one of the most interesting topics that I have read (Impact Bonds) that is because it is of financial and social effect.