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Crowdsourcing for Municipal Solutions: Become a Co-Author!

Created Apr 21 2015, 8:43 PM by Hilary K. Johnson
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We're launching a crowdsourcing initiative to capture and disseminate the collective knowledge of our community members. You can be part of crowdsourcing to learn and to teach, to discuss and to network. In addition, you can even become a co-author of our “Solution-Finder” series.


How the crowdsourcing initiative works:

  • The City Creditworthiness Initiative has developed a series of Solution-Finders. Each Solution Finder focuses on a common creditworthiness challenge faced by municipalities, and contains a range of possible solutions to the obstacles associated with that challenge.
  • Over a period of months, Solution Finders will be posted to this site, and community members will have the chance to comment on and edit the Solution Finders.
  • People who make significant contributions to a Solution Finder will be acknowledged on the final Solution Finder document, which will be widely disseminated.


Stay tuned for the Solution Finders! As each Solution Finder is posted, a link to it will be added to this list:

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    Good evening Mr Hilary

    I am very interesting to this challenge of financing for respective towns of my country. However to succeed without major trouble focusing I will advocate that you make a formal letter of our community about this project that I will undertake to transmit to my different towns to Cote d ivoire.



    my sincere thanks

    Mr Doh DVAL Alexander

    General Manager BURCI GROUPS

    Expert in Construction, Economic Analyst investment

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    Hello sir

    I want to lead a deeper expertise with our Cote d ivoire commaux authorities to bring non approximate true information in order to contribute to this project but for that I have a note of note from the manager that you are this community to facilitate my from our investigation authorities

    thank you


    my sincere thanks

    Mr. Doh DVAL Alexander


    Expert in construction, investment economic analyst

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  • The Academy has really given me an insight as a planner to do particular things which in deed i had no idea about, thanks to Joshua,Johan, Abdu and the entire Academy team.

  • It has become very necessary, that each municipality be rating their own credit, it's now as a personal identity, the entity borrower, and it's real weight to the municipality, as a separate entity from the central government and is able to rely on their capabilities in dealing with others, so it should be legislation and laws concerned with the subject of the credit rating of the municipality.

  • I suggest a self-evaluation plan are the steps in financial management:


    1. comprehensive inventory of all the assets in the municipality, of the territory, real estate, buildings, and others.

    2. Self-assessment revenue that can be collected by the municipality and determine the times collected in the year.

    3. Develop collection rate in real, after following the collection of well defined policy.

    4. assess the degree of satisfaction on the local community and municipal action to raise the level of trust between the citizen and the municipality and deal with it (mathematically).

    5. Create a comprehensive and up to date database of all that shows what the municipality and all parties, partners and supporters of her.

    6. determine annual expenses and expenses traded municipal work-related normal.

    7. Action Plan projects (trilogy) shows capital projects to be undertaken by the municipality over the next three years from its budget

    8. spending on the basis of the (privatization), that is the work of the Fund for each item of expenditure items, are filled from the available revenue, or the time of collection, and may not be Aalmkhov spending or deficit.

    9. rely on good financial statements showing all the distractions, to be considered as feedback for next year.



    This, in my view Thanks

  • Thanks Jashua

    it is a good chance to keep on updates concerning municipal finance.

    thanks for choosing me to be part of the initiative.

    thanks as you let me be a co-author of it.


    I hope you the success of your initiative