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SWM local plan

Created May 28 2016, 6:42 AM by Khalifeh Al-Dayyat

          Regarding our local plan of solid waste management, I would like to tell you about some progress we are achieving. Through the last few months,  I had contacts with the GIZ/the German Agency. I had meetings with them and we discussed our efforts in this regard. I introduced them to Deir Allas local plan of solid waste management. After several meetings we  agreed upon having a bilateral agreement to be signed in the coming days.

          Our agreement might include the following:-

·        Arranging cleaning campaigns that must include Syrian refugees with local Jordanians.

·        Constructing a simple sorting station of solid waste (the place and the building is available).

          In addition to our efforts to reach investment in solid waste.

Dear friends,

          We still need assistance to improve our plans in this field and need to know the experiences of others in dealing with solid waste.


Look forward to hearing from you.