Blog » Summer and Fall 2017 = Major Push to Focus SDG around the Globe

Summer and Fall 2017 = Major Push to Focus SDG around the Globe

Created Oct 08 2017, 7:56 PM by William Tarpai
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Wow, what a rush the last 2 months have been.  I have been studying the effects of war on young minds over the last few weeks.  I have been looking at how war is so horrible that it is so difficult to overcome.  It has helped to visit the grave of a fallen soldier from the Vietnamese War era.  He and his friends were all over Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.   That era has given Americans a first hand look at under-development. 


This September in New York the UNGA discussions which were hindered by incredibly delicate political negotiations.  Look at the speeches of the leaders from Myanmar and Bangladesh.  Will there SDG hopes be affected by the conflicts that are raging along their borders?


I will hope to visit that area in December, 2017.  I would like to encourage discussions by colleagues on this platform.  C4D will be my test zone over the next 3 months.  Making progress that affects the lives of citizens in need around the world is a noble cause.   On November 4th, in Palm Desert, California students and young professionals will man a table explaining how to make progress in the SDG challenge.  Need your support to provide current, relevant data and reports.