Blog » #5 UNGA - Peace Building (24-25 April) - Ideas and Global Platforms for Preventing Violence

#5 UNGA - Peace Building (24-25 April) - Ideas and Global Platforms for Preventing Violence

Created May 11 2018, 1:36 PM by William Tarpai
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On Tuesday, 24 April in New York city, Ambassadors from NIgeria and Canada chaired an event at a side-event to the historic UNGA milestone efforts to create a new roadmap for peace in our world.  It was all about a 'call to action' for civil society (and I want to highlight the importance of the next, upcoming generations which include current students and young professionals) to table and discuss ideas for building a better world.


I was busy at the meeting addressing topics we have talked about during 'Community Manager' training.  (Level one discussions were certainly elementary for many of the diplomats and experts assembled)...   This called for me to innovate somewhat and tell stories about how important the tools that have been developed since I first picked up a dying child in the field 3 decades ago.  These stories caught the attention of many whom I talked to, basically bringing them down to my level. 


My appeal was aimed at equipping humanitarian who go to the field with the right tools and strengthen their ability to access knowledge hubs from whatever point on the globe they are working..   THIS IS POSSIBLE AND NECESSARY, but I don't have to get on a bandstand to inform most members of this platform of that fact.


But are we doing it?  My work with students and young professionals who have declared an interest in peacebuilding and working internationally during their careers, WAS GIVEN A BOOST by attending UNGA.  


Let's get those ideas tabled - and this is a direct appeal to members of this platform...I am working everyday now to assemble and train teams able to be 24/7 available to contribute during Agenda 2030.   Looking for those interested in being on a roster - using several 'world-class' universities in my local neighborhood to support this effort.  Will be in Bakersfield next weekend, joining cities from every part of California who want to know more about the 'call to action'...   Will I be able to use this newly mobile platform to post videos????