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Proposed Capital Projects vs. Proposed PPPs

I have been reviewing the CITY CREDITWORTHINESS SELF-ASSESSMENT & PLANNING TOOLKIT. In reading some of its action-items, I found that some action items use the expression "proposed capital projects and PPPs" whereas others simply refer to "proposed capital projects." For instance, Action Item 1 for Priority Challenge 19 (PC19-1) initially introduces a dualism between “capital projects” and “PPPs.” However, this dualism is missing in PC19-2, which simply refers to "proposals for capital projects". Does anyone else find this to be confusing?

It is true that two situations can arise. Capital projects are sometimes proposed by the Local Authority (and later delivered internally with public resources or through PPPs that are solicited through RFPs). However, private parties can also propose capital projects as PPPs through unsolicited proposals. Still, they are all "proposed capital projects" (the difference is in who is initiating the proposal public/solicited vs. private/unsolicited) until they are not selected to move forward through the CIP process defined as part of PC19-1. I would prefer the more generic approach followed by PC19-2, which is to define all projects at the onset as proposed capital projects.

I would love to hear from others on this topic.