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How to access information and interact with peers using CSI e-forum?

Created May 29 2014, 10:44 AM by Xuege Lu
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Here is how...


1. First of all, take a minute to tell us something about yourself: where are you from? how did you hear about us? is your work related to CSI? what information are you looking for at CSI and how can we help you? You can access the introduction page by clicking on the "New Member?" tab on the righthand side bar on the overview page (or, just click here).


2. The main contents of the group has been divided into sub-topic areas, stored under the project "knowledge hub"; we tried our best to capture all the main categories of CSI related information, but you are more than welcomed to tell us if we are missing anything. You can simply click on the button for "knowledge hub" on the main page to access all the resources we have under those sub-topic areas.


3. We also have listed some series of country-level information (reports, briefings, slides, etc.). If you go to the "knowledge hub", then click on the "content" tab under the main banner on the overview page, you will find all of them, and by clicking on the sub-folders on the left hand side of the page, you will be able to browse country-level information as your wish;


4. One of the most important functions of this forum is to provide you with an opportunity to COMMUNICATE with peers. That's why we have a discussion forum - by clicking on button on the main page for "discussion forum", you will be able to access to the secion - we encourage you to be proactive on the forum!


5. There are some other interesting elements of CSI you don't want to miss - all of these are hyperlinked on the overview page:

a. Media Archive: a list of press releases related to CSI, mostly internally at the World Bank Group.

b. Videos: we produce multimedia contents periodically, and we hope you find them informative.

c. Contact us: send us your feedbacks, or questions of any kinds.

d. External Resources: this is a place where you can find information on websites or database related to clean stove externally.