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Announcing the 9th China Clean Stoves Expo!

Created Mar 11 2015, 11:59 AM by Xuege Lu
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Date: April, 24-26, 2015

Address: Langfang City,Heibei province,China

Sponsor: China Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI)

Organizer: China Alliance for Clean Stoves, China Stove Website

Theme: Clean production, Clean products. Clean air

Products category

a)  Cookstoves, combined cooking and heating stoves, heating radiant stoves, water heating stove, etc.

b)  Small type boilers and atmospheric hot water boilers, institutional boilers and stoves, coal/ biomass/ gas/ electric boilers, hot air furnaces, drying ovens, etc.

c)  Floor heating stoves and boilers, materials and accessories, etc.

d)  Fireplaces, radiator, biomass air conditioner, heat exchanger, solar cooker, etc.

e)  Stove production line and processing equipments.

f)  Equipments and accessories for water heating system including meter, valve, pipe, thermal isolation material, etc

g)  Equipments for desulphurization and dust removal for boilers, pump, accessories, etc.

h)  Biomass briquettes-making machines, biomass pellets-making machines, and related equipments.

i)  Clean coal briquettes-making machines equipments.


Products demonstration

The operation of stoves, boilers and briquettes-making machines will be demonstrated in the specific zone outside the exhibition hall. Most of the products will be demonstrated in the exhibition hall. China Clean Stoves Expo held once a year in China. With the significant popularity and influence,the exhibition can enhance the communication,cooperation and technology innovation of enterprises,which is helpful for the dissemination of Clean stoves.


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