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Nepal WASHplus case sudy 2016

Created Oct 10 2017, 12:48 AM by Sarah Elizabeth Hillware
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To help inform clean cookstove promotion in Nepal, where the government launched an ambitious Clean Cooking Solutions for All by 2017 initiative to combat high levels of household air pollution, WASHplus conducted a consumer research study, including household trials of improved stoves. Five different improved cookstove models were placed in 140 households for cooks to use and give feedback through semi-structured elicitation questions over the course of four months. The study also included market demonstrations, focus group discussions, and willingness to pay (WTP) assessments. The study further included monitoring activities to evaluate stove performance and impact on the household: controlled cooking tests (CCTs), kitchen performance tests (KPT), and stove usage monitoring (SUM). CCT results showed significant fuel savings over the traditional stove for all study stoves; the data were also submitted to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves for use in its clean cooking catalog. SUMS and KPT data demonstrated that households used the stoves consistently (but not exclusively) during the spring/summer months and accrued significant fuel savings; usage and corresponding benefits did not exist during the winter months. WTP results showed that households valued the stoves and were willing to pay for them; in Nawalparasi District participants had the option to purchase the stove at the end of the study and more than half did so. In Dang District participants were given the stove as a gift, then offered a cash buy-out; 58 out of 66 study households chose to keep the stove.