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Presentation on Inyenyeri Business Model

Created Jan 19 2018, 3:12 PM by Sarah Elizabeth Hillware
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Dear ECCH CoP Members,


For your reference, please see the presentation and WebEx recording from the January 18th knowledge event, in which Eric Reynolds, CEO of Inyenyeri presented to our group. For those of you who may unfamiliar, Inyenyeri is a private company in Rwanda that has secured a relatively significant amount of funding over the past six months to scale-up a promising clean cooking business model that leases clean gasifying cookstoves and sells highly efficient and sustainable biomass fuel pellets. The company aims to be commercially-sustainable in the medium-term using its innovative approach, which – if grown beyond its successful large-scale pilots and intended scale-up in Rwanda – may be replicated in other countries and markets.


Please see the attached Power Point. In addition, the streaming link for the Webex recording (audio + presentation shared on screen) is here and the download link is here.