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Nigeria Clean Cooking Initiative


This is more of an appeal for technical partnership with experienced organizations and individuals, than an appeal for funds.

There is no doubt that the Clean Cooking Initiative world wide needs some new directives and approach.

I have decided to take the Clean Cooking campaign on two ends, 1) directly to villages, where it is needed, and  2) policy advocacy to lawmakers and government departments.

Nigeria no doubt has the market and any solution or technology be scaled once the buying power of the people are taken into consideration. 

However, to achieve this, I will be requiring support, mainly technically, and resources. 

There is no way to start this campaign without the ability to profer alternatives and empowering women and children in the process. 

I am ready to share the concept notes with anyone that might interested. 

I can be reached on powerupnigeria@Gmail.com 

I look forward to reading from you.

Adetayo Adegbemle(for PowerUp Nigeria)