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Beulah Akpan : Kingdom Point (Ikpe Annang) Multi Purpose Cooperative Society Limited is a registered Cooperative Society with Government. The Cooperative operates in partnership with BELCOM (BEULAH LIFE COMMUNICATION), A registered ICT / Training firm with CAC. Our Services and operation are based on Government directives, primarily, Training and Empowerment. The Cooperative first began as a Family Based Association in the year, 2011 and was later turned into (and registered as) a Cooperative Society in July 1, 2015 with Evangelist Beulah S Akpan as President. The registered address of the Cooperative is Ikpe Annang, Essien Udim Local Government Area with so many centers across the Country. (UYO / AKWA IBOM STATE OFFICE WAS OF THE COOPERATIVE WAS OFFICIALLY INAUGURATED VIA A TV PROGRAM / AKBC IN NOV., 2016 AS SEEN ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (Kingdom Point MPCS Ltd). As a Cooperative, we deal on several Multipurpose Businesses and Activities including Cooperative Meetings, Thrift Savings, Shares, Micro Loans, Computer Services, Manufacturing, Sales/Supplies, Visits to the Inmates / Refugees, Training, Farming, Skills Training, Grant / Empowerment Programs, among others.
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Alexandre Borme 1 year in Haiti at Entrepreneurs du Monde: business development service for small businesses 3 year as minority equity investor in Social Business over the world 2 years - ongoing at Entrepreneurs du Monde developing acess to energy programs in Haiti and Asia