Blog » CDD Voices: Francisco Obreque - Bolivia PICAR - March 2017

CDD Voices: Francisco Obreque - Bolivia PICAR - March 2017

Created Mar 21 2017, 5:33 PM by Galen Chern Ming Tan
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The Community-Driven Development (CDD) Global Solutions Group (GSG) series CDD Voiceshighlights how CDD approaches are used throughout the world to benefit poor communities.

This month, we reached out to Francisco Obreque, Agricultural Specialist, who works on Bolivia’s PICAR. The Community Investment in Rural Areas Project (PICAR) has an overall goal to fight extreme rural poverty among small landholders, particularly indigenous populations. Starting in late 2011, the project has since transferred responsibility and resources to more than 150,000 rural inhabitants in 656 highly vulnerable communities (30 percent beyond the target of 500 communities), and supported 769 sub-project to improve access to basic and productive infrastructure for rural households. To date, the project has increased road access for more than 15,000 people, and expanded or improved irrigation for more than 17,000 beneficiaries. In 2015, the government received a $60 million additional financing IDA credit to expand and deepen the success of the project to reach an additional 200,000 beneficiaries.