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All Mexico - US Sister Cities Summit in Guadalajara

I am prepared for a 3 day summit between US and Mexican sister cities in Guadalajara (Feb 15-17), and looking for ways to bring new collaborations for development to the forefront.  I wonder whether there is any interest from members of this platform to have online video discussions during the summit?


Contact me to schedule.  

  • CDD and Rural Livelihoods
  • CDD and Social Inclusion (Youth, Gender, Indigenous Peoples_Ethnic Minorities)
  • CDD and Local Government Links (Decentralization; Scaling up)
  • CDD and Public Works
  • CDD and Participation General Documents
  • CDD and Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations (FCS)
  • Conferences and Workshops
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    The cross-border Mayor's Summit was an excellent event.  I noted on Facebook Sister Cities International added 29 new photos to the album: All Mexico-US Sister Cities Mayors' Summit — with Mayor Ron Nirenberg in Guadalajara, Jalisco.   one published report noted: one report "¡Qué gran éxito! Nearly 300 participants, including 60 US and Mexican mayors and locally elected officials from 70 communities, came together in Guadalajara for our Mexico-US Sister Cities Mayors' Summit last week from February 15-17.  The sessions were stimulating, relevant, informative, and challenged key issues: innovation, economic integration, climate change and resilient cities, technology, immigration, education, local government role in the urban agenda, trade and safety, and more! The summit ended with the signing of a Guadalajara Sister Cities Declaration by mayors and representatives from all of the host cities!"  

    In the opening Mayor’s Panel, it was urged:

    -          Creating links – not waiting for politicans to make decisions – continue to build relationships (San Antonio founded 300 years ago when it was part of Mexico.   Guadalajara was celebrating its 476th anniversary during the summit)  

    -          STIMULATE conversations  - EDUCATION is very important for building business and trade relations.


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