Rebuilding Social Infrastructure in Post-Conflict Sudan

The Community Development Fund was established in Sudan to bring basic services back to war-torn and neglected areas of the country and help build stability and peace. A new neighborhood health clinic in the small village of Tenna is providing health services to the local community and neighboring villages, saving families from traveling four hours to reach the nearest city.

Afghanistan's National Solidarity Program

In 2003, the new Afghan government launched an ambitious rural development initiative - The National Solidarity Program or NSP - to improve the lives of millions of Afghans. Founded on the principles of grassroots democracy, the NSP has channeled resources to communities to fund thousands of small projects developing irrigation, power, water supply and roads.

Communities Lead Village Transformations in Myanmar

In Myanmar, people are in charge of choosing, designing, and implementing projects based on what they need most in their villages. See how making their own decisions—from building better schools to improving access to their villages—have made life in their communities better.