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World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Created Oct 15 2018, 11:51 AM by Anna Zagrebelna
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The World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention, jointly issued on World Health Day 2004 by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, highlights the growing public health burden of road deaths and makes a powerful case for urgent measures to address the problem as a global development priority. Its findings and recommendations provide a consensus-based blueprint for country, regional and global action and have subsequently been endorsed by United Nations General Assembly Resolutions 56/289, 60/5 and 62/244 (Improving global road safety) and World Health Assembly Resolution WHA 57.10 (Road safety and health). Efficient and effective implementation of the World Report’s recommendations will require countries working in partnership with the international development community to scale up, refocus and harmonize their road safety activities, with an emphasis on managing for results.