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Water from the air and Accelerated growth of plants.

Created Jun 04 2018, 7:08 PM by walter Ivison

World Environmental Solutions and Dewpoint Systems of Hawaii have combined their two technologies enabling a containerized system of water from the air production and the accelerated growth of plants for human consumption that can be taken to normally unacceptable climatic conditions.  WES is well known for its MultiGen and its "water from the atmosphere" technology: when this is combined with the Dewpoint's dewponics-accelerated growth system  the combined system has the ability to not only make power, water and cool air, but the Dewpoint system utilizes only the temperature of the newly made water and allows that water to be used elswhere.

The floating plant pots in baths of this cool water draws the cool temperature into the soil and roots. These floating pot racks would fit neatly beside each other and thus prevent evaporation of the cool water into the atmosphere above from the cooling tank.

  1. The shallow tank these systems would be placed in would be filled with the chilled water from the MultiGen, at approximately 10C below dew point, and this temperature is controlled by the WES chiller system run from an onsite waste exhaust gas heat, making all chilling free with the exception of a small power usage of circulation pumps and fans along with manufacturing water from the air.
  2. The earth placed in the pots will be moist to begin with, and be kept cool proportional to the dewpoint found at site by the transfer of the cooling water the pots float in.
  3. The earth in these floating pots would be chilled to the same temperature as the water by a simple heat exchange through the pot rack. This differential would create its own micro climate and feed the pots irrigated water, naturally generated.
  4. When the tank water reaches the desired temperature 10C below dewpoint, a diverter valve would direct the chiller to manufacture water directed to storage tanks. As the water temperature changes, the reverse happens and the chiller redirects cooling to the tank water cooling system.
  5. Only near harvest could water be required, as the plant grows to maturity and the water naturally generated will probably be insufficient pending the plant being grown. It's estimated that only 5% of water will be required as to what is normally used.
  6. Harvesting is simple from these floating pots and the soil and plants' roots are recycled for later use and new soil /recycled soil installed with new seedlings.
  7. The Growing system was developed in Hawaii by the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii using cool deep sea water taken 1800 feet down. The use of the MultiGen technology and its cold water generation system allows the entire system to be portable and situated away from the coastal regions.
  8. Initially the grapes grown at NELHA  achieve 3 crops per year. Over 100 varying food crops have been tested and achieved at NELHA.
  9. Further information and videos can be seen on