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Drinking water from Poluted water or  Sea water

Created Aug 11 2016, 8:53 PM by walter Ivison
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In conjunction with our water from the atmosphere technology ( we have developed a simple Solar Water Still to be used in areas where water is available, but the water is polutted or sea water. This unique system is different to any other Solar Water still, has no moving parts, no cleaning of filters. A standard unit can produce 20 litres a day of clean drinking water from sea water or from creeks,water holes or practically anywhere there is water available but not suitable to drink. Picture shows salt removed from 1 Litre of Sea Water.


  • Dear Walter, many thanks for sharing.


    May I kindly ask the unit cost we are looking at for such product? A range would already be informative if you can't disclose a fixed unit price.


    Thanks and with kind regards,


  • Dear Walter,




    I demonstrated making drinking water from sea water using solar stills on a small island in Vanuatu in 2003.  The need for improved access to drinking water (in the Pacific Islands and elsewhere) was well illustrated during the recent El Nino event.  The essential irony seems to be: "


    "Isn’t it funny that an island, a place surrounded by water, should ever know a water shortage? Maybe we will truly know paradise when we can change salt water into drinking water. Humankind has been dreaming this dream throughout history. Our early efforts to desalt seawater were frustrating. Our recent efforts, though successful, are typically expensive.

    However, we can desalinate seawater using little more than sunshine with a process called solar distillation. Solar distillation works on the principles of evaporation and condensation and mimics the way rain is made. Input water can be seawater and/or dirty water while the output water is fresh and very pure, like rain water." 


    The output of your unit is incredible!  It seems that if several units were hooked together, the output could be sufficient to service a whole village.  And on some scale, maybe enough water for irrigation?  This could have an impact on food security, which I think will become of increasing interest in these times of uncertain climatic events.


    Best of luck,


    David Stein

  • Dear Walter,


    It is a great initiative. Yes, I do agree that today drinking water is one of the biggest challenge in front the world and if we come up with this kind of facility then that would beneficial for many countries.Hope this can help many people.


    Once again thank you for sharing..

  • We have now successfully presented a bank of 5 panels in Pakistan for a small Village there and the Panels are generating 18 liters in 14 hrs per panel so so about 80-90 Liters a day of water to drink without pollutants. We also have now our first installation at a farm in queensland.

  • Nice work Walter.

  • We have now installed the first Solar water still North of Brisbane. 20 liters a day from polluted dam water.

  •                World Environmental Solutions, leader in Atmospheric Water System  has joined with Dewpoint agriculture system in Hawaii.

    Advantages of these two proven technologies results in water production and accelerated growth of plants for human consumption.


    1. The system is self-supporting and requires NO access to freshwater

    2. It  utilizes FREE exhaust energy from common diesel generator systems (MultiGen)

    3. The combined system can grow agriculture crops with NO loss of water from evaporation as it generates its own condensation.

    4. Can grow crops like hydroponic systems, however plants are grown in soi cooled by the manufacturer of Water from the air system (MultiGen)l.

    5. The system uses only the cool temperature of the water to cool the roots of plants.

    6. Over 100 Plants have been tested at NEHLA in Hawaii.

    7. The plants utilize ALL the fertilizer provided with NO loss to leaching or runoff in comparison to traditional agriculture.

    8. The system can grow plants at controlled rates, either at accelerated or suppressed to improve crop quality by controlling the temperature of the soil and roots..

    9. After the water temperature is utalised this water made is run off continiously and used elsewhere.

    10. Modular design can be shipped in overseas cargo containers for rapid deployment.

    11. Can grow plants that hydro-ponics, aero-ponics, ebb flow and other systems .

    12. Systems help reduce heat stress disease since system has cool roots

    13. Temperate cool season crops can be grown in tropical climates. 3 annual grape crops grown in Hawaii.

    14. If required the freshwater generated by the MultiGen can be used for final growth phase and crop processing or other uses at site.

    15. Can be scaled to match energy source of the Generator exhaust.

  • It is a nice concept.