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Afghanistan Geohazard Risk Management DSS video tutorial 1

Created Jan 16 2018, 6:26 PM by Yuka Makino
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This Afghanistan Geohazard Risk Mitigation Plan has been prepared for the Salang Pass and B2B road in December 2017 as part of the Regional TA for "Building Resilience to Geohazard Risk in the South Asia Region." This Mitigation plan is in combination with the Decision Support System Manual and online DSS which can be accessed from the following link: World Bank DSS. There are also two online youtube tutorials which you can use to learn how to use the DSS which are also in this CoP website.

  • Great to see the work being done.    During my first trip to Afghanistan (in 1977), I went south to Kandahar from Kabul as it wasn't clear it would have been possible to go through the tunnel.  It will be great to have an all-weather road that will be able to link transit from the Central Asian states and beyond to promote commerce, travel and trade links to Kabul and beyond including Pakistan and India.