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&Green Fund : Greening agricultural investments

Created Dec 13 2017, 1:23 AM by Leela Raina
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During this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, the Government of Norway, the Consumer Goods Forum and the Global Environment Facility announced this new fund, aiming to “green agricultural investments”. The fund has been set up by IDH – Sustainable Trade Initiative and is now an independent legal entity.


&Green Fund, a global investment fund that supports companies that invest in forest and peatland restoration activities.

The Fund was initially supported by Norway, will attract other investors. GEF also supports the initial phase of the fund.

It is interesting that the &Green Fund will only invest in landscape or jurisdictions which have a forest landscape protection plan, or an Environment and Social Management Plan.


Webpage : – investing in inclusive agriculture, protecting forests


Details on geographic focus, vision, financial instruments in presentations attached.


  • Thank you Leela Raina - I wonder if the fund has already invested, and if so, what are the initiatives they currently fund…? From my experience with other impact funding, there can arise a gap of funding the lead identification itself, as bankable initiatives at that scale (min. 15 million USD) are hard to find or it takes time to bring them into a bankable shape...


    Their core sounds pretty novel to me. Particularly their fund’s standard for lead generation and jurisdiction, as it incorporates forest conservation objectives into a scale-focused investment instrument:

    "&Green intends to support investment into jurisdictions where local authorities are also committed to the reduction in deforestation, and are actively taking steps to work with the private sector, communities and civil society to protect forest and peatlands. Therefore, &Green is able to invest in all Tropical Forest countries which meet the Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria (JEC) of the Fund.”


    According to the PPT you provided, there are five Jurisdictional Eligibility Criteria (JECs, page 9):

    • JEC 1: SCOPE – the amount and quality of forest and/or peatland potential of the jurisdiction is significant and highly relevant from a global perspective.
    • JEC 2: AMBITION & STRATEGY – there is a clear strategy with targets tracking the reduction of deforestation against historic trends in the jurisdiction.
    • JEC 3: PROGRESS – Timely progress towards milestones indicated in the strategy of the jurisdiction, on a trajectory towards the targets for reducing deforestation.
    • JEC 4: MRV– a transparent system is operational to monitor, measure, report and verify reductions in deforestation, and where relevant forest and peat degradation, in the jurisdiction.
    • JEC 5: SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL SAFEGUARDS– progress shows towards implementation of the Cancun Agreement.