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New - Social Health Insurance (SHI) - Self-paced training module

Created Sep 17 2021, 3:49 PM by Bruce Summers

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About This Course:

The Social Health Insurance (SHI) self-paced course is intended as a pre-read or post-read for the Global Health Systems Flagship Core Course(s). It is designed for a general audience (including non-Flagship Course Alumni. This course gives a general introduction to Social Health Insurance and its concepts. Viewing this course helps prepare participants for deeper policy dialogue discussions taking a health systems approach to strengthening Health Care Reform.

Course Overview

This self-paced course introduces Social Health Insurance Concepts related to taking a Health Systems thinking approach to strengthening Health Systems and encouraging policy dialogue.


  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the six most popular resource mobilization modalities for health.
  • Explain how Social health insurance evolved over a 140-year period and consequently now means different things to different people​.
  • Lead an argument, backed by evidence, describing why the 19th century form of Social Health Insurance is not appropriate for 21st century low and low middle-income countries and can be limiting in helping them move to UHC.

Target Audience

Potential Participants in World Bank Group – Health Systems Flagship Program Courses. Also Flagship Program Course Alumni and the General Public.


World Bank Health Nutrition and Poverty (HNP) Health System Flagship Program Teams

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