Health Systems Flagship Community of Practice

Health Systems Self-Paced E-Learning Modules

The Health Systems Flagship Program has developed self-paced courses to reach a wider audience and to allow more time for discussion in a virtual setting.  The modules are technical courses that complement the core courses and are focused on one specific aspect of health system strengthening.

Course offerings on the World Bank EdCast platform (please note you will be asked to create an account): 


 Lutter contre la résistance aux antimicrobiens

 La lucha contra la resistencia a los antimicriobianos

                    S'attaquer aux inégalités en santé 

                    Atacar las desigualdades en la salud 

                   Also available in French and Spanish 

                   Changement de comportement pour renforcer les systèmes de santé 

                   El cambio de comportamiento para el fortalecimiento del sistema sanitario 




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