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CoP Brief - Job Diagnostics and Solutions Community of Practice (JDS CoP)

Created Dec 18 2019, 3:41 PM by Bruce Summers

As requested by the Governors of the World Bank through their IDA Deputies, the Jobs Group of the World Bank has developed a multi-sector, data-driven approach to diagnosing the jobs problems a country’s economy faces, and what may be causing them.  The approach is designed to bring consideration to jobs in the process of economic transformation, so that country growth strategies can incorporate measures that improve labor productivity, employment and earnings for workers[1].

The Jobs Diagnostics and Solutions Community of Practice (JDS CoP)[2] is a knowledge sharing and learning platform for officials, development practitioners, researchers and World Bank Group staff involved in developing cross-sector Jobs Strategies for countries, regions, and municipalities within countries.  The CoP is a volunteer member group.  It focuses on the development and dissemination of data-driven tools, knowledge products and global datasets, through a discussion forum on jobs problems, their causes, jobs syndromes, emerging challenges, and good practice in prescribing solutions.  New approaches will be developed in conjunction with Community Members.  Members will identify priorities at scheduled learning events, contribute to the technical teams tasked with developing approaches, and will provide feedback on the new approaches.  Dissemination will take place through scheduled events, formal training for members, and through an annual gathering of members.


[2]  Jobs Diagnostics apply standardized data tools to macroeconomic data (sector level), population censuses (individual level), economic censuses (firm level), and household surveys (worker level) to provide indicators for levels and trends over time in key jobs-related variables in relation to growth and economic transformation.  When benchmarked against other countries, the tools’ outputs and indicators allow for the identification of outliers for the country under review.  Such outliers are regarded as “unhealthy symptoms” which can indicate a core jobs problem and may signal a causal constraint or a jobs “syndrome” that should be addressed in the Jobs strategy.  The aim of a Jobs Diagnostic is to provide policy makers, officials and their development partners with the evidence needed to identify and prioritize what needs fixing for better jobs outcomes.  The CoP will also showcase knowledge about solutions to the most commonly diagnosed jobs problems. - Read more, see attached file...