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Jobs and Structural Change Blog Series

Created Apr 24 2020, 1:09 PM by Teuta Gashi

To help inform practitioners about important considerations when developing strategies to improve jobs with economic transformation, and to help deepen the global findings from Jobs Diagnostics in our Pathways Report, the Jobs Group of the World Bank is running a new blog series on Jobs and Structural Change.

The series seeks to relate economic theory to global data to get at the drivers of structural change. It starts with stylized facts, before moving on to discuss different country contexts, and how different workers fare with economic transformation,  Blog#1 starts by pointing out that labor productivity is a necessary but insufficient condition for better jobs, contrasting how two fast growing countries (Vietnam and Zambia) had very different successes in creating waged work and reducing poverty. Blog#2 shows that the rising importance of service jobs as countries get richer corresponds almost linearly with the decline in the share of jobs in agriculture jobs, whilst manufacturing rarely accounts for more than one-fifth of all jobs in an economy.