MP Cool Platform


Welcome to the COOL Community of Practice (CoP). This space provides a forum for participants to learn, share knowledge and discuss a number of pertinent and practical aspects of current developments related to the global phase-down of high-global warming and ozone depleting substances, while integrating energy efficiency and climate mitigation initiatives across economic sectors.


The CoP provides a range of knowledge and information from MP project cycle guidance, policy and templates to highly technical information on climate and ozone alternative technologies and related energy efficiency opportunities. Given that this is a growing field the community also provides forum for open discussion and sharing of experiences among project teams, technical experts and development practitioners inside and outside the Bank.


Test Site for Montreal protocol Cop a community to engage external specialists into the MP CoP namely, the Bank’s Ozone Operations Resource Group (OORG), a core group of internationally-recognized experts that provide specialized sector-based technical and policy advice and assistance to the Bank’s MP team.

""Phasing down HFCs could prevent close to a half degree of global warming by the end of the century. And because HFCs are used in energy-sapping appliances like air-conditioners, there is the opportunity with new technologies to double the climate benefits from energy efficiency at the same time. We need to de-couple HFC growth from the rapid expansion of cooling equipment.""
Jim Yong Kim