For the past 50 years the World Bank Treasury has been a driving force in financial markets, pushing frontiers on risk management and effective portfolio practices. With solid performance throughout many market cycles Treasury now manages approximately $140 billion in assets across a diversified client base.

Over the years Treasury has made sizable investments in knowledge transfer to help clients build internal investment management capacity. Its commitment to this endeavor reflects the broader tradition of knowledge sharing it holds as part of a shareholder cooperative of member governments: Treasury aims to provide the best possible advice and sustainable portfolio solutions within an ownership structure of confidentiality and trust.

Treasury’s approach to capacity building services is tailored, multi-faceted and hands-on. Dedicated senior practitioners collaborate with RAMP clients to develop comprehensive capacity building programs which target priority areas most efficiently in terms of time and resources. Services can range from participation in Treasury’s extensive workshop and conference program to installation of Treasury’s proprietary portfolio analytics software to on-site consultation or a combination thereof. Clients may also choose to combine engagements with an asset management mandate or to structure them on a stand-alone basis. In all cases, Treasury’s own practitioners deliver the advisory and hands-on instructional services. And the scope of advisory work is comprehensive, grounded in our conviction that sound investment management spans a broad range of roles and responsibilities from the board of directors to portfolio and risk managers, accountants, information technology (IT) specialists and internal auditors.

Our services include:

  • Advisory including on-site consultation and training
  • Conference and Workshop Program consisting of policy colloquia for senior executives and hands-on workshops for technical specialists
  • Finance Education including the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and other internationally recognized programs, as well as comprehensive on demand training in finance and portfolio management
  • Asset Allocation Workbench offers clients a powerful simulation tool to assess the effectiveness and risk of alternative asset allocations
  • Portfolio Analytics Tool (PAT2) equips risk managers with portfolio analytics
  • Internships at Treasury headquarters on a select basis for active management in high grade fixed income and mortgage-backed securities
  • Investment Management for high grade fixed income portfolios