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Created Oct 15 2015, 9:55 AM by Karen Hoehn
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In July, 2015 Heads of State and Government from around the world agreed to the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) on Financing for Development. This document will guide national government decisionmaking on wide range of development financing issues for the foreseeable future.

Changes to existing financing arrangements present both threats and opportunities for RH supplies and SRHR funding. In theory, any and all financial interactions can affect the availability of RH supplies, by affecting money flows from the macro-economic level to the level of the individual person trying to access RH supplies. This publication helps explain the implications of the AAAA and how people can help increase funding for RH supplies and SRH rights (SRHR) in developing countries.

  • Karen,


    Thank you for sharing this "hot of the press" publication. Our community members and health specialist, Leslie Villegas and Pia Helene Schneider may find this document relevant and interesting to their work. Also, many thanks for tagging the document - it will help C4D members to easily find the document relevant to this specific topic.