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New RBF Fellowship Program

Created Dec 23 2015, 12:00 AM by Catherine C. O'Farrell

The Results-Based Financing (RBF) Fellowship Program is designed for RBF practitioners interested in strengthening their knowledge and understanding of RBF issues and collaborating with other RBF specialists around the world through OBA/RBF Community of Practice (CoP).


New and existing CoP members are invited to complete three activities in order to gain the designation of RBF Fellow.    



In order for the member to earn RBF Fellow recognition and designation, the following activities need to be accomplished within three months: 


  1. Join OBA/RBF Community of Practice page on C4D and write an introduction (click here)
  2. Complete one of the following activities on the OBA/RBF CoP page: a) start a discussion b) upload a relevant RBF document c) post an RBF event announcement d) create a photo album e) create an RBF idea for others to see and vote on
  3. Write a blog post or create a digital resource on how OBA/RBF impacts your work (information about creating digital resources can be found here)


When a member completes all activities, s/he will be given a “RBF Fellow” recognition and designation by the OBA/RBF Community of Practice.