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OBA/RBF CoP Tagging Guidelines

Created Dec 30 2014, 12:00 AM by Dilshod B. Yusupov

OBA/RBF CoP Guidelines on Tags


Tags are like index keywords that you and others assign to content. Tags make it easier to find content when you or others search for it later. In C4D you can add tags to individual blog threads, discussion threads, and documents. You can assign tags to existing or new content, but it is best practice for document creators to assign tags when they first load it into the C4D.  Note that additional tags can be added later on if needed, as edits are made or feedback incorporated.


How to Tag the Content


To assign tags to content, open or create your content and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Tags box. Think of the keywords, or tags, you would use to search for this content and enter them in the Tags box. Use an underscore to separate words. Consider using any existing tags that pop-up in the suggestion box. Existing tags are often assigned to related content, so it's good practice to use them. Note that if you are tagging content that is being moderated by an admin, your tags may not show up right away because content updates may need to be approved.


All documents posted in OBA/RBF CoP should have a minimum of 2 tag words.




  1. Topic: e.g., Urban_Transport, Energy, Water_ and_Sanitation, ICT, Solid_Waste, etc. 
  2. Region: for instance, ECA, LAC. EAP, SAP, MNA, AFR, Global


Recommended when relevant:


  1. Sub-Topic: for example, Solid_Waste_Management, Sustainable_Energy, Access_to_Water, Rural_Electrification
  2. Country: for instance, Bangladesh, Kenya,
  3. Functional area: for example, Strategy, Communications, Knowledge_Management, Assessment, Portfolio_Review, Global_Practice etc


Additional tags such as sub-sector, client and project name are recommended for enhanced search results.  Adding more tags would help in search as each users might look for the same document using different terms.  When in doubt about the correct topical tags to use please also refer to the taxonomy for accurate topics etc.

Please see below some example of tags:




Add Region

Add Topic

Add Detail

Additional Tags





Sub-Sector, Project Name





Sub-Sector, Project Name




Sub-Sector, Project Name


Searching using Tag Words


Using the search bar, you can type in specific tag words to help you find relevant documents.  For instance, if you want to find all the ECA documents on Access_to_Water that have been posted to C4D, you can type ‘ECA Access_to_Water”  into the seach bar.  If you want to narrow the search to power deals, you can type ‘Irrigation_and_Drainage’ after ‘ECA Access_to_Water” and the search will narrow.  You can use this approach to narrow down your search for any Region, Topic and sub topic or combination of topic and region.