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Vietnam - Pursuing Academic Dreams Despite Economic Hardships

Created May 27 2016, 12:00 AM by Dilshod B. Yusupov
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The World Bank's website included a feature story and a video that provides an update about GPOBA's first education project.  In Vietnam, about one million students finish secondary school every year. But public high schools can only accommodate 80 per cent of the number of students to continue their studies. An estimated 200,000 students, who failed one single high school entry exam, have no other choice but to enroll in private schools. For students with economic difficulties, the high cost of tuition fees become a challenge. But an education project, supported by the World Bank and implemented by the East Meets West Foundation, gives these students an opportunity to continue their education in private secondary schools.

This is the first project of its kind in Vietnam: students who are eligible for financial aid must demonstrate economic need and maintain a minimum level of academic performance to receive tuition support based on an output-based approach. Though this amount can be as little as $90 per year, it is vital for these students' ongoing secondary education. These grants allow the students to focus on their studies and maintain a high academic standard, otherwise they may have faced the need to work part-time to help meet educational expenses. Over 8,000 students have benefited from this project, which has disbursed US$3 million over the last three years.


Video Link:

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    I would like to get involved with students in Can Tho in collaboration with their sister city in Riverside, California.  Is it possible to make contact with someone involved with this project?

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  • Dear William,


    Thank you for reaching out. The video that we posted here is a project that already closed and GPOBA is no longer involved. I am not sure how we here at the World Bank can help you in your relationship with Riverside and their upcoming visit, but I will be happy to answer your questions.