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Blog » Rural water access: why should countries follow Paraguay’s lead?

Rural water access: why should countries follow Paraguay’s lead?

Created Aug 16 2017, 12:00 AM by Dilshod B. Yusupov
  • Water & Sanitation

In the small community of Juan Augusto Saldívar, about an hour outside of Paraguay’s capital, Julian Marecos is president of the local water board. He volunteers with four others to supervise the community’s water service, which was founded in 1993 and supplies more than 3,800 users, including the school, health centre, church, and other people in neighbouring areas.


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orn and raised in the area, Marecos still remembers the difficulties endured to access drinking water. “Traditionally, families used to get water from wells they had in their homes but often, particularly during very hot seasons, these wells dried up,” he says. “Thanks to the board, we no longer have these difficulties and we have available drinking water, which helps us avoid many diseases.”


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  • Dear Administrator,


    It has been a really good initiative to process the water to make sure it is clean and safe for consumption. Well done.


    Nevertheless, owing to the condition of sanitation in less developed countries, where open defecation is not an issue, the processed water might still be posing some after taste. Hence, digging a well is probably suitable for rural communities within water catchment area?


    Well water is known to have been naturally filtered underground after passing through layers of different sizes gravels and sand. The water refilled naturally forever, as long as there is no major development that cuts off the water flow of the source or affects the reserve of aquifer. This method is highly economic and highly sustainable to the less privileged communities. Save a lot of troubles too............


    One cent opinion, might or might not be helpful.


    thank you