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MISSING OUT: Refugee Education in Crisis

UNHCR just released a report which highlight how conflicts are robbing young people of a chance for education, and this should be a 'call to action' for all of us.  The report can be accessed following this link


Having been privileged to be a career UNHCR professional officer, I can attest to the horrors caused by war, and traumas that continues long after peace agreements are concluded.  Nowhere is that more apparent than the effects conflict has on children.  But '...refugees’ educational access and attainment are rarely tracked through national monitoring systems, meaning that refugee children and youth are not only disadvantaged, but their educational needs and achievements remain largely invisible.'



I was pleased to learn about the joint EU-US cooperation to bring together school administrators from the US and several EU countries (Oct 23 to Nov 3) to '...discuss strategies to support the integration of refugee and immigrant youth in schools and communities'.   This is a very positive step forward.

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