Results-Based Financing for Climate


By sharing project resources, fosteringcollaboration, and developing a community atmosphere we aim to explore the potential of Results-Based Climate Finance for

  • Mobilizing private investment
  • Creating new marketsrelevant for low-carbon development
  • Developing capacity for mitigation and adaptation potential


This Platform was developed by GPOBA to facilitate knowledge sharing among GPOBA, WBG staff, and development practitioners, as well as foster dialogue on climate-related OBA and RBF agenda. The platform will be on a continuous “work in progress” status, with regular updates that capture key developments in the climate-related OBA/RBF agenda. Additionally, it will be the reference point for collaboration for the development of GPOBA’s Climate Initiative, which has as overarching objective to inform the dialogue on the implementation of OBA and RBF mechanisms in the emerging climate change agenda, through a holistic knowledge and operational approach.

  • Feb 06, 2017 05:21:12 AM

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